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Richard Keeves

Richard Keeves

Are you a business owner or manager?
Do you want to do better business online? 
Are you overwhelmed and confused?

The resources here at Smarter Web Strategies.com are designed to help you  get better results faster, with less stress and less waste of time, money and opportunity.

It’s about smarter business planning for your online business, and helping you stay on top of change.

This website is run by  me, Richard Keeves.  I am a digital business guide and business adviser to a small number of businesses.  I’m a digital business generalist, rather than a specialist.  I have almost 20 years experience looking over the ever-changing landscape of the Internet and the online digital business world.

Here on this website, you’ll find dozens of tools, guides, checklists and how-to guides I’ve found or created for you to quickly improve your business planning and your success. My own guides are unique and designed to fast-track your results.  There are links here to the best resources I’ve found.

It starts with you thinking through your own Smarter Web Strategies.  And then making them real.  I can help you do it. That’s what makes this website unique.

My Business Planning Resources for Better Business Online

  • Website Planning Tools & Resources
  • Digital Marketing Tools and Resources
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools & Resources
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Tools & Resources
  • Service Provider Management Tools & Resources
  • Social Media Management Tools & Resources
  • Business Website Reviews, Audits & Assessments
  • Digital RoadMap Guidance and Advisory Support

Take a quick flick through this slideshare presentation…

Don’t leave it to others…

Your business plan is YOUR business plan.  It’s not up to your web developer, or your IT techos or your  ‘marketing experts’  to do your business planning for you.  Sure, they may have ideas to contribute…  but they will NOT be the people taking responsibility for making it work. You can’t shift  your  responsibility to others.  

As a business owner, you may find it hard to stay up to date with all the  fast-changing ‘online stuff’.  Here’s the thing… Everyone finds it hard to stay up to date.  Everyone gets a little overwhelmed, even the digital specialists. (Digital specialists tend to focus on a specific digital niche.  This can be helpful but also dangerous as they inevitably focus on specific areas which limits their views and their advice.)

More on Smarter Web Strategies

Smarter Web Strategies was founded by me, Richard Keeves.  I’m an Internet business advisor, consultant, author and speaker helping other business people discover, understand and successfully use the Internet for business.  I’ve been doing this since about 1994.  There’s more on my background here.

I established one of Australia’s first and longest-surviving web consulting, development and digital marketing firms in 1995, successfully selling it in 2008. I now provide independent and unbiased advice to business owners and managers who benefit from my in-depth industry expertise, extensive over-the-horizon vision, and practical straight-talking business-focused guidance.

I’m the current President of the Western Australian Internet Association, and also was President from 2004 to 2008. I’ve served on a number of other industry boards and committees.  I’m a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. I’m an experienced seminar-workshop presenter, keynote speaker and a qualified trainer and I’ve presented business seminars and workshops throughout Australia, New Zealand and in the USA.

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