Introduction to Action Planning

Turn the patterns and opportunities into business action plans. Use this planning process so your action plans help you work with the trends and not against them.

Over the years of working in the Internet and web development industry, I’ve consulted to and advised many different organizations of many different types and sizes. I’ve seen what works – and I’ve seen what doesn’t. And of course, the game keeps changing as the trends roll along.

New tools and new uses for them create the potential for new opportunities, strategies and tactics. It feeds on itself – and this is what causes a lot of the confusion.

It’s always important to keep things as simple as possible. Sometimes there are no ‘easy ways’ if you want to be comprehensive and thorough, but some planning approaches look like they are being made deliberately complicated and so hard that you think you will be better off to pay a high-priced consultant to come in, take the pain away from you and do it all for you – and tell you the answers.

If you are looking to out-source the entire business planning process, beware. Many IT vendors, website developers and consultants have vested interests somewhere along the line.

Often ‘consulting’ is a thinly veiled opportunity to up-sell you to their in-house or closely related products and services later. Others might know a lot about IT but not such a lot about your business.

It’s usually better to build the planning capability within your organization, but generally not to leave it to your technical team. It needs a business focus – and from my experience, almost always a substantial customer-focus.  You need to call on the IT guys for their inputs – but don’t let the IT guys drive it.

Build capability within your own team AND get the best external guidance you can find.  It’s smart business to have someone externally as your adviser, guide and sounding board to add their ideas and experience – and often a larger view of what is possible to achieve in the Digital Age.

There are several key high level questions to ask at the start of the planning for any online business and business website. Your answers will then lead you down your own pathway – with our guidance to help you develop your Big Picture plan using smarter strategies to do better business online. After that, you work through your Detailed Action Plans which outline  exactly what you need to do to make your new Big Picture plan into your reality.

You can extend it to planning internally within your business and to the increasingly important corporate eco-systems environment.  At the whole system level, every person, process and system is a customer of another, and sooner or later, it will become important to think of ‘integration’.

The process starts by you asking some key questions of your business and what you already do for your customers – and then thinking what you could be doing better or differently.

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