Announcing the Smarter Digital RoadMaps for Retailers Pilot Program

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Many retailers are confused and uncertain about what to do in the online world.

It’s not surprising. There is so much conflicting information around with so many confusing alternatives for retailers being promoted by so many web people,  IT companies, digital marketers.  In amongst it all, there are plenty of these digital service providers who really can help retailers.

But how does the retailer make sense of it all? How can retailers make wiser choices as they plan for their future?

My answer is… retailers can develop a Smarter Digital RoadMap – and be part of this new Smarter Digital RoadMaps for Retailers Pilot Program.

The program is being launched on 23 October at 5.30pm.  You can use this link to book to attend the program Launch event.  It’s at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of WA in East Perth. It is free to attend. Please come along if you can.

Here’s what it’s all about…

Smarter Digital RoadMaps for Retailers is a pilot program to help Western Australian retailers develop and implement more successful e-commerce based digital business systems.

It’s now part of the Western Australian Government’s WA Business Online initiative and is receiving government funding and support.

This pilot program is run by me (Richard Keeves)  in partnership with WA’s peak industry body the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of WA. It is strongly supported by other leading digital industry associations and business groups including the Australian Web Industry Association, the Western Australian Internet Association, the Australian Marketing Institute, Mobile Monday (Perth) and eGroup Associaton.   There are also many other supporters coming on board, including various  local government authorities keen to support retailers in their areas.

Through the program’s activities, participating retailers can learn smarter strategies to develop and implement smarter Digital RoadMaps for their businesses.

With independent expert guidance and structured information presented in a strategic framework by digital industry specialist experts, retailers can plan and achieve better results online.

If we can better match the strategic plans of retailers with appropriate digital service providers, then retailers can invest in their digital future more confidently with less waste of time, money and resources.

Key Activities in this program include:

Industry & Business Collaboration with Supporters

  • Establish collaborative relationships with key industry associations, business groups and supporters.
Working with Retailers
  • Survey retailers to find key issues, wants and needs.
  • Find & attract WA retailers interested in improving their online business operations.
  • Encourage these retailers to join this Pilot Program to access relevant and specific education, independent guidance and support.

Working with Digital Service Providers

  • Find and attract Service Providers who sell products & services to help WA retailers do business online.
  • Encourage these Service Providers to highlight their areas of excellence and contact details in a new WA Digital Service Provider database.
  • Encourage specialist digital experts to share their wisdom with retailers.

Providing Structured Education for Retailers from Helpful Experts

  • Present series of topic-based webinars for retailers, accessible throughout WA; webinar presenters will include industry groups, participating service providers and other specialist digital experts.
  • Create series of topic-based information Resource Guides for retailers in WA; with input from industry groups, participating service providers and other specialist digital experts.
  • Based on the Digital RoadMaps strategic framework, the Webinars and Resource Guides will provide checklists, best practice advice, questions to consider, tips to follow and traps to avoid; with links to other relevant resources, industry groups, specialist experts and digital service providers.

Coaching & Guidance Program

  • Conduct six month intensive Coaching & Guidance program for group of up to 12 retailers.
  • Help these retailers plan, develop and start to implement a smarter Digital RoadMap for their business.

Create Better Matching

  • Provide better matching of educated retailers with appropriate Service Providers in the WA Digital Service Provider database.
  • Retailers better able to choose suitable Service Providers to implement the retailer’s Digital RoadMap.

Case Studies

  • Develop Case Studies of retailers participating in the Guidance & Coaching program.
  • Track their progress and experiences.
  • Share these experiences so other retailers can learn from the Case Studies.

Sustainable & Ongoing

The Pilot Program activities commence in November 2012 and conclude in mid-2013. It is intended that the Pilot Program leads to a sustainable and self-funding ongoing program of education, support and guidance for retailers in Western Australia.

Come to the Launch Event

The Pilot Program launch starts at 5.30pm and will conclude at approx 6.30pm. You are invited to arrive at 5.15pm for the 5.30 start. Light refreshments (tea and coffee) will be provided.

Please use this link to book to attend the program Launch event.

The event is at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of WA, 180 Hay St, East Perth. Some parking may be available in the CCI basement car park. Additional parking is available within close walking distance to CCI.

If you have any enquiries about the program, please contact me, Richard Keeves (the Program Director). You can reach me   on 08 9467 1884, mobile phone on 0413 755 468, or use the contact form on my Contact Us page. Further information on the Pilot Program will shortly be available on the new program website at Digital

Please support and share this info with retailers, with digital service providers and with anyone who cares about helping retailers anywhere in Western Australia.

Together, I believe we can make a difference.  Thanks.



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