Catching Digital is available from these bookstores

 Where can you buy Catching Digital?

Catching Digital is available from various retailers and from this website.  For wholesale inquiries, details of the Australasian and global distributors are listed below or contact us here at Smarter Web

Catching Digital is available from selected physical and online bookstores including:

Boffins Bookshop

Boffins Bookshop stocks Catching Digital. You can find Boffins at  806 Hay Street Perth Western Australia, 6000 Australia.  Or phone +618 9321 5755.

Boffins Bookshop is a great physical bookstore and has been recognized as Australia’s number one technical, specialist and reference bookstore. We support you and wish you long-life and prosperity.


Amazon now stocks the paperback printed edition of Catching Digital.  Go here to order Catching Digital from Amazon.


CreateSpace is an Amazon company and a global supplier specializing in Print On Demand book production, distribution and sales. Go here to order Catching Digital from CreateSpace.



Wholesale Enquiries

Catching Digital is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Woodslane.  Woodslane is a leading distributor of technical, business, travel and non fiction trade books. Woodslane are located at
10 Apollo Street Warriewood NSW 2102 Australia. Phone: +612 8445 2300.


Catching Digital is sold and distributed globally online in print and digital formats by CreateSpace and Lightning Source.

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