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Launch of the Australian eCommerce Guide

Jun 18, 2014 Comments Off

Please take a look at the new Australian eCommerce Guide website.  The Guide has just been launched and is a new resource for Aussie eCom merchants. The Guide is published and edited by me, Richard Keeves. If you’re looking for smarter strategies for eCommerce, then you’ll  find plenty of  ideas and tips over at the […]

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A Complete Guide to Google Authorship and Google Publisher

Oct 31, 2013 Comments Off

Are you trying to understand how to use Google Plus to help your SEO? Part of good practice now involves being recognized by Google as the Author of your blog and other articles you write that find their way onto the web. If you have a business that publishes information, you can become a Publisher, […]

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Great resource guide on Usability for eCommerce websites

Oct 28, 2013 Comments Off

Check this post at Digital RoadMaps about a new guide on Usability and how users navigate, find and select products on e-commerce sites.

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Smarter Strategies to build Trust

Oct 24, 2013 Comments Off

Here’s a webinar on Trust Building that I ran a while back as part of the Digital RoadMaps program. The webinar goes for 39 minutes, so grab a coffee (or a glass of wine). Enjoy.  And let me know your thoughts…  

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Reference Check Your New Web Developers BEFORE You Hire Them

Apr 09, 2013 Comments Off

How can you get a better website? Before you formally engage a new web development company or digital agency to be your web partner, make sure you talk with some of their other customers. You can learn plenty from others, including how to manage your part of the web development process to get the best […]

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Ideal Customers and Customer Personas

Apr 08, 2013 Comments Off

If I asked you to describe your Ideal Customer, where would you start?  How old is she?  What does she do? Where does she live? What does she like? And what does she dislike? How can you attract her and keep her?  And how can you find dozens or thousands more people just like her? […]

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Social Media brings Risks, but you CAN reduce them

Apr 06, 2013 Comments Off

Social media may bring opportunities for your business, but it also brings risks. You can’t control what your employees say about you and your business on social media. Detailed social media policies are fine, but you’ve got to be careful not to give your employees lots of rules to follow. If you make your Social […]

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Use these Website Planning Tools for Better Results

Apr 03, 2013 Comments Off

If you’re planning a new business website, then here are three special website planning tools to fast-track your success.   These three special tools will help you learn what you need to know and do to get the business website you need. Your Smarter Website Redevelopment Checklist 28 Best Practice Guidelines for  Better SEO, Usability and […]

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How vulnerable are you?

Apr 02, 2013 Comments Off

Check out this article on Remote Administration Tools.  If you find it scary, then review your security.  If you don’t find it scary,  read it again. How vulnerable are you? How easily can your computer or those in your business be taken over?  Has it already happened? Do you know? Let us know if you […]

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How important are Meta Descriptions to SEO?

Mar 23, 2013 Comments Off

Meta Descriptions need to get Smarter   How do you use Meta Descriptions?   Here’s a good question from Joe, one of my coaching clients. “Richard, I have a question on meta tags. When we are setting up our products in the back office of our online shop it has built in fields for meta […]

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Why read Catching Digital?

Mar 23, 2013 Comments Off

Use Smarter Web Strategies to create your Digital RoadMap Here’s part of a presentation I gave recently as an overview of my book, Catching Digital. There is more info on Catching Digital here.

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How to Filter OUT the SEO Snake-Oil Salesmen

Dec 06, 2012 Comments Off

So, you want to get found in Google? Here are 24 Questions to ask first before you engage pseudo-SEO people who really may not have a clue and probably just want your money. Last year I put together 16 questions, with some help from Google. Now I’ve just added 8 more to give you 24 Questions […]

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