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Be Aware of Four Traps for Business Owners Using LinkedIn

Dec 03, 2011 Comments Off

LinkedIn is a wonderful professional network, but it does have some risks for business owners. Be aware of these four traps. TRAP 1: Who owns the Connections? Your customer database used to be your property. These days if you encourage your staff members to build connections to your customers through LinkedIn, then your staff member […]

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Protect your business now with an effective Social Media Policy

Sep 21, 2011 Comments Off

  The use of Social media is growing every day, and it’s creating big risks for business. Do you have an effective Social Media Policy for your business? If not, it’s time you do… The stats show that most people use one or more of Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs every day. And now […]

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Google +1 Button is Google's answer to Facebook's Like Button plus more

May 26, 2011 Comments Off

Google are in the process of launching their new +1 button, a tool that allows web users to let Google know if they liked a particular web page. The +1  (ie Plus 1 vote) will no doubt be used in Google’s algorithm to return better search results, based on how many users vote for different […]

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Are you in the business of Dream Support?

Apr 08, 2011 1 Comment

Wondering how your business can use online systems and social media? Here’s a great video from Barry Judge, the Chief Marketing Officer at Best Buy in the USA. As Barry says in the video, his industry is incredibly competitive and customers bring the Internet into the Best Buy stores.  Differentiating just on price and being […]

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From the archives – How to use Twitter in business to create and inform communities

Apr 06, 2011 Comments Off

If you’re wondering about using Twitter in business,  here’s a post from 2007 that is an oldie but a goodie.  It’s a helpful made up case study example in a post by  Todd Defren that will give you some ideas for creating and informing communities. Todd talks about using Twitter to build your community of […]

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Of course the CIA loves Facebook – and not just on April 1

Apr 01, 2011 Comments Off

How much funding does the CIA provide Facebook?   Is Mark Zuckerberg really an agent of the CIA? Check out this video from the Onion News Network   CIA’s ‘Facebook’ Program Dramatically Cut Agency’s Costs (Video opens in new window, runs for 3:23 mins after a quick advertisement.) Worth a look and a smile – and […]

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Are you struggling with the Business of Social Media?

Mar 31, 2011 Comments Off

Australia’s ABC TV’s Lateline Business had a story last night on Social Media -  called “The Business of Social Media”. You can read the transcript of the story here  on the ABC’s website.  You can also download the video clip of it from here.  The clip goes for 5mins 22 seconds. It’s worth a read […]

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Is social media relevant in B2B marketing?

Mar 01, 2011 Comments Off

This morning James asked me the following question…  and after writing my reply, I thought this was worth sharing as a post – and to get your thoughts on it too. The Question: Do you think being actively engaged in social media has much value at the moment for businesses in B2B marketing? It seems […]

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Deep profiling of individuals is now quick, easy and low cost… and downright scary

Feb 22, 2011 32 Comments

Writing this today gave me chills as I realized the power of it.  Please take 3 minutes now and see if you feel the same way. Normally my focus here is on smarter web strategies, tactics and tools but when I saw this  deep profiling in action the other day I was fascinated by its […]

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What is Social Media?

Feb 21, 2011 1 Comment

Just came across this presentation on Social Media by Marta Kagan. Check it out… What is Social Media? View more presentations from Marta Kagan.

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Another way to get Answers to your Questions

Feb 16, 2011 Comments Off

Here’s a way to ask  Questions on almost any topic and get Answers that can be useful.  It’s fast becoming a huge resource online. It’s called Quora.  You can go on to the Quora site and ask questions… and then other people can answer the questions.  In fact, anyone can answer. You can write your […]

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Is your Social Media marketing experiment doomed before it begins?

Feb 14, 2011 3 Comments

Are you thinking of experimenting with social media in your business?  Be careful about the experiment. What are you actually testing?   Are you testing whether social media can work for your business?  Or testing how best to use it? The other day I did a Strategy Session interview with one of Australia’s leading sales trainers,  […]

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