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42 Free Tools For Social Media Monitoring (Part 4)

Feb 11, 2011 1 Comment

Here’s the fourth and final part in this series of free tools you can use for monitoring what is being said about you and others in social networks. TweetPsych allows you to create a psychological profile of any public Twitter account and compares it to the thousands already in the database. This identifies those traits […]

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What is a Social Media consultant likely to cost, and can’t we do it ourselves?

Feb 10, 2011 2 Comments

Following on from my post the other day about how to choose a social media consultant, this morning I came across an interesting blog post from Mack Collier about the prices of social media consultants.  Mack describes a  range of services,  fees and charges.  (There’s a link to Mack’s story below.) The price ranges Mack […]

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42 Free Tools For Social Media Monitoring (Part 3)

Feb 10, 2011 1 Comment

Here’s the next part of our series on useful free tools for finding out what is being said about you online by monitoring social media. Klout identifies influencers on topics across the social web. Monitter It’s a twitter monitor, it lets you “monitter” the Twitter world for a set of keywords and watch what people […]

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42 Free Tools For Social Media Monitoring (Part 2)

Feb 09, 2011 20 Comments

Here’s part 2 in our list of  useful free tools for monitoring  social media. TweetDeck is a desktop piece of software as opposed to a web-based tool.  It is useful for monitoring social activity, but mainly useful for posting messages to multiple social media sites at once, and then managing responses and conversations.  As such […]

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42 Free Tools For Social Media Monitoring (Part 1)

Feb 08, 2011 4 Comments

Here are some of the many tools available for you to monitor the social media world for what’s happening in your business.  These tools are all free to use.   (There are also plenty of paid tools and services as well.  We’ll cover them in a later series of posts.) Remember, there is always a […]

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Monitoring your Social Media Mushrooms

Feb 08, 2011 1 Comment

Social media are a bit like mushrooms.  Both can grow in the dark.  But some mushrooms can be poisonous, especially for your business. Mushrooms Mushrooms grow from mycelia which spread  underground in vast networks of threads.  The mushrooms we see are the mycelia’s fruit, and the fruit often pops up overnight.  We only notice the […]

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How to find the right Social Media consultant

Feb 07, 2011 21 Comments

Many businesses want to use social media in their marketing, but are not sure how to go about it. So they often turn to someone outside their business for  help. Finding the right person or team can be a challenge. Social media is one of the current buzz-word topics, but there’s a lot to learn […]

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19 Habits of Highly Effective Social Media Marketers

Feb 07, 2011 Comments Off

1. Listen first, Talk second Effective use of social media begins with listening to others.  Search for and connect you’re your customers and listen to them.  Join the conversation with them, look for trends and issues  and add value to them. 2. Be relevant People want to engage with companies and communities that are most […]

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Facebook’s Golden Rule pushes the privacy envelope too far!

Feb 04, 2011 5 Comments

In its money-making quest to be even more useful to advertisers, Facebook is coming up with some great ideas for marketers – but they are seriously screwing with the personal information that Facebook members share with their friends. You may think that Facebook cares about you and your information, and that everyone lives by the […]

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More than 5 things NOT to do on Facebook

Feb 02, 2011 1 Comment

Ellie Mirman wrote a great post on 5 Things NOT to do on Facebook.   Other people have added to it with comments on the blog,  including myself with a little rant.

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Integrating Facebook content into your website

Feb 02, 2011 2 Comments

Rather than try to run different systems with different content in different place, you can integrate your website content into your Facebook page – and you can also integrate the conversations happening on your Facebook page back into your website. You really can make things easier for yourself  and for your website visitors, friends and […]

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C’mon Facebook, that’s a dumb idea!

Jan 27, 2011 Comments Off

Here’s the thing with word-of-mouth advertising…  it’s seldom neutral.   Promoting positive comments is great, but imagine if you were paying Facebook for them to promote negative comments about your business from a Facebook user  – and have these comments specially advertised to all of the user’s Facebook friends. To me, that sounds like a pretty […]

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