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Launch of the Australian eCommerce Guide

Jun 18, 2014 Comments Off

Please take a look at the new Australian eCommerce Guide website.  The Guide has just been launched and is a new resource for Aussie eCom merchants. The Guide is published and edited by me, Richard Keeves. If you’re looking for smarter strategies for eCommerce, then you’ll  find plenty of  ideas and tips over at the […]

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Do you need a better Digital RoadMap?

Oct 16, 2013 Comments Off

Finally got the video together from the Retail Forum we ran back in June.  (Yep, I’ve been a bit busy – and got side-tracked with a few diversions.  Now back to focusing on what is important.  You.) Here’s a quick 1 minute intro of what some people in the coaching group had to say about […]

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How to bridge the gap between IT and Business, and Five Questions for Business Owners & CEOs

Oct 03, 2013 Comments Off

There’s an interesting article here on the Harvard HBR blog that talks about bridging the gaps between IT and the rest of a business. Key points from the article…   Quit making the same mistakes over and over again. Find common ground on medium-term issues. Finally, companies should ask, “How do we expect IT to help […]

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Mobile sites gotta load fast!

Aug 20, 2013 Comments Off

Yep, here’s a useful infographic from Strangeloop… Mobile users expect sites to load fast – An infographic by the team at Strangeloop Networks

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Ideal Customers and Customer Personas

Apr 08, 2013 Comments Off

If I asked you to describe your Ideal Customer, where would you start?  How old is she?  What does she do? Where does she live? What does she like? And what does she dislike? How can you attract her and keep her?  And how can you find dozens or thousands more people just like her? […]

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Use these Website Planning Tools for Better Results

Apr 03, 2013 Comments Off

If you’re planning a new business website, then here are three special website planning tools to fast-track your success.   These three special tools will help you learn what you need to know and do to get the business website you need. Your Smarter Website Redevelopment Checklist 28 Best Practice Guidelines for  Better SEO, Usability and […]

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How vulnerable are you?

Apr 02, 2013 Comments Off

Check out this article on Remote Administration Tools.  If you find it scary, then review your security.  If you don’t find it scary,  read it again. How vulnerable are you? How easily can your computer or those in your business be taken over?  Has it already happened? Do you know? Let us know if you […]

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Seven Critical Lessons from a hacking victim who admits he should have known better

Sep 11, 2012 Comments Off

Oh my God!  I missed this story a few weeks ago.  What an eye-opener! Matt Honan, a senior technology journo had his digital life pretty much wiped out by a couple of hacker kids. We could call them sleazy criminals or trolls. Using the word “Hacker”  almost gives them too much respect. Matt even had […]

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All Web developers are crooks!

Jun 01, 2012 2 Comments

Michael was upset. He’d just wasted a lot of money on a new website and thought he’d been ripped off.  He wasn’t happy.  Many business owners are unhappy with their websites. Many seem to select the wrong website developers and don’t manage them very well.  Poor choices often end in tears…   Ignorance is not […]

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Dr Evil, Cloud Computing and the World’s Dirtiest Digital Bomb!

Dec 03, 2011 Comments Off

Part of planning smarter strategies includes looking at risks… and let’s not kid ourselves, in the online world there are plenty of risks. Here’s a risk straight out of the ‘Dr Evil’ Digital Nasties handbook. The impact of viruses like this will become increasingly dramatic, especially with business moving more and more to a Cloud […]

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21 Things you MUST know about choosing software

Oct 06, 2011 Comments Off

If you are choosing new software or adopting a new technology system or platform, these questions and tips will save you time, money and stress. Use this list as your guide and your initial filter, and look for systems that meet most (or preferably all) of these points. Go here to read 21 Things you […]

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It’s worth remembering that your customers are struggling humans

Mar 23, 2011 Comments Off

A key to business success is to find out what people want to do but are struggling to do and make it easy for them to do it.  You can use technology to help, but you can get lots of grief if you let technology dictate your approach. There’s an interesting interview here on O’ […]

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