Choosing the right Web Providers and Digital Agencies

If you’re looking to get new software, a new website or any new technology-related system for your business,  then you’ve probably realized the choice of  your service provider could be a critical part of your long-term future success.

The provider or agency you select today needs to be able to deliver what you want and need today.  Even more importantly, you will want this  supplier to be with you for the next 2 to 3 years at least – if not a lot longer. It’s an important decision – and sadly, many business people get it wrong.

What to look for in ‘The Right Providers’

Obviously, your selection criteria for providers will vary depending on the nature of the web product and digital services you are after.  Costs and capabilities of different providers are always important, but ideally the right people for you will:

  • Patiently listen to you outline your requirements, and ask intelligent questions of you;
  • Quickly grasp your needs and wants, and add to your own understanding of your own requirements;
  • Explain to you clearly and concisely what they can do to provide what you need;
  • Be able to demonstrate they have done similar work in the past (you do not want to be a guinea pig while they experiment);
  • Have a great understanding of their own products, but more importantly clearly explain how their products will provide what you need;
  • Provide you with value-for-money pricing, whatever that means for you;
  • Actively reduce rather than increase any stress you may feel from the process;
  • Be able to deliver what you need on time and on budget; and
  • Provide great after-sales service and support.

But there’s a lot more to it, especially if you want a long-term relationship with the provider or agency.

You also probably want the provider to:

  • Be able to anticipate your future needs and wants even before you know have them;
  • Grow their team capabilities not shrink them;
  • Improve their skills and maintain their core competencies;
  • Stay up to date with changing technology and ensure they stay ahead of you; and
  • Remain in business.

How We Can Help You

On this site, we have a variety of resources including Web Provider Selection processes and criteria to help you choose the right suppliers in  various key areas for successful business online.

Choosing Your Website Provider and Choosing Your Digital Marketing Agency are two popular processes that may be relevant to you.  Please let us know if you’d like more information on these.

We can help you find providers locally or  off-shore. These are in Australia, the USA, Europe and other countries including the Philippines and India.

There are also links on this site to places online where you can find contractors and suppliers yourself.  These include oDesk, Elance,,, and

A word of warning…  finding off-shore suppliers is easy enough. Getting the results you want and need can be a totally different matter and often problematic. We can help you fast-track the process, learn how to manage both local and off-shore suppliers more effectively to get better results -  and reduce your business risks.

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