Customer Personas help you get smarter quickly

If I asked you to describe your Ideal Customer, where would you start? 

How old is she?  What does she do? Where does she live? What does she like? And what does she dislike?  How can you attract her and keep her?  And how can you find dozens or thousands more people just like her?

Define your Ideal Customers with Customer Personas

A really helpful process for defining your Ideal Customers is to develop what are called “Customer Personas”.   These are short, made-up profiles of different  typical customers.

It is usually impossible to know each and every customer, but if you can define a small number of different ‘typical customers’ who can represent the majority of your customers, then you can better target your messages and interactions to them.

Having defined these typical customers, you then use these personas to find more typical customers that you want to do business with – and less of those you don’t want to have as customers.

Using the Customer Personas 

Use the personas as you make changes to your website and your marketing.  Use them in any communications you plan and do.

Ask yourself:

  1. Is what we are planning going to be of value, interest and relevance to this customer?
  2. How will we reach this customer?
  3. How will what we are about to do be received by this customer?
  4. How will this customer respond?
  5. What can we improve to make it even better?

Share the personas with your web partners, contractors and service providers who are helping you. Make sure they focus on the personas and use them in planning and implementing their work for you.

I’ve written a brief workbook to help you ask the right questions to successfully prepare these Personas.  Fast-track your success and download it now.

Creating Customer Personas Workbook
Creating Customer Personas Workbook
The Customer Persona is a short made-up profile and description of an important typical customer in an important customer segment in a business. Develop and use Personas as you plan your website and other communications with customers,

Defining personas will help you understand more about your best typical customers. Ask the right questions to develop the Customer Personas and you can start to clearly understand the likes and dislikes of your customers and what they want from you. More importantly, Customer Personas can help you target, attract and find more of the Ideal typical customers you want for your business.

This 9 page workbook walks you through the process of developing Customer Personas. It helps you ask 15 important questions about your customers to build these valuable Customer Personas.

As well as the 15 core questions, the workbook includes an example Customer Persona and 84 questions to consider to develop these mini-profiles of your Ideal Customers. This workbook is available in PDF format for your immediate download now.
Price: $19.00

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