“David beating Goliath” Case Study will inspire struggling retailers

Apr 24, 2012 Comments Off by

In this day and age, can the little guy still take on and beat the big guys?  Here’s a new take on an inspiring story of a struggling retailer who fought off a global chain, re-established his niche and his failing business – and made international headlines.

This case study called “Creating Buzz for your Small Business” comes from the latest blog post from our mate Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor from the USA.  Take 7 minutes out of your day and digest the brief case study slowly.

As you read it, think whether creating the buzz would be easier or harder in this era of digital social media and social marketing. Do you think Bob and Mike would have used every digital tool they could to thrash the pants off the big but ‘ordinary’ Goliath? I’m sure of it!

There are plenty of great tips here. Enjoy. And I’d love your thoughts on it…

Remember, Knowledge might be power, but only when you take action.

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