Do you have a good website for Mobile users?

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How friendly is your website for mobile users? It’s probably time to check it.

If your mobile website needs work, you’re not alone. Lots of businesses are not up to speed with mobile websites yet.  According to a presentation from Google on mobile marketing (as reported by Mobile Commerce Daily):

  • 79 percent of Google’s largest advertisers do not have a mobile site.
  • 61 percent of users who experience frustration with a brand’s site not optimized for mobile are unlikely to return, and
  • 40 percent of frustrated users will visit a competitor’s site.
Google recently launched a new resource website called to help business assess the readiness and friendliness of your website for mobile visitors.  You can test your website for how mobile users see it and get a basic report on it.
HowToGoMo has several ‘Best Practices’ guides for creating and running mobile websites. They’re basic but may be helpful. You can download the guides directly from here.  (If this country-specific link doesn’t work, then please try here.)

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