Do you need a better Digital RoadMap?

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Finally got the video together from the Retail Forum we ran back in June.  (Yep, I’ve been a bit busy – and got side-tracked with a few diversions.  Now back to focusing on what is important.  You.)

Here’s a quick 1 minute intro of what some people in the coaching group had to say about the Digital RoadMaps program. And below that is a 17 minute video featuring more comments from these coaching group members.  It’s worth watching, especially if you’re looking to do better online and need some help sorting out the truth from the BS.

Scroll on down for more from these lovely people…

The Retail Forum evening was held in June 2013. For more details on the pilot program, and what is about to follow it, please stay tuned here on Smarter Web Strategies or check out Digital

The Digital RoadMaps program is being rolled out to participating organisations in different business sectors – and not just in Perth, but nationally and globally.

Do you need a better Digital RoadMap for your business?

We can help…

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