Dr Evil, Cloud Computing and the World’s Dirtiest Digital Bomb!

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Dr Evil, Image copyright owned by the New Line CinemaPart of planning smarter strategies includes looking at risks… and let’s not kid ourselves, in the online world there are plenty of risks. Here’s a risk straight out of the ‘Dr Evil’ Digital Nasties handbook.

The impact of viruses like this will become increasingly dramatic, especially with business moving more and more to a Cloud Computing environment.

Let’s start with our own Dr Good, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki who has just written about Stuxnet on the ABC website. His article is a fascinating read if you have 2 or 3 spare minutes. (Link is below.)

Let me quickly give you a bit of background… Stuxnet was developed by some very clever dudes who wanted to upset the Iranian nuclear program. So far so good, right? For a while, the Stuxnet virus did its job, frustrating the Iranians.

But then something went wrong… Someone opened Pandora’s Box and made the virus available to the world as Open Source software.

The Stuxnet Open Source code is now able to be modified and given new missions nothing to do with the Iranian nuclear program.

I don’t know if this Doctor Evil scenario is likely to impact on you and your business, but the online world has become a little less safe. Think about the growth of Cloud Computing and what happens if or when a virus like this plays around with your business information.

You can find the article by Dr Karl here. It’s worth a quick read…

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