Finding Patterns in the Blur

Running through the blurThe speed of change online creates a blur for many people, unless you move fast enough with the change or shift your focus to see the big picture and not the blur. Far better to do both – move fast AND see the big picture.

How you work with the trends or try to ignore them is up to you, but cleverly catching and riding the trends that will change your industry can fast-track your business growth and success.

Whether you’re planning to expand your business or simply planning to stay alive in business, you need to find smarter, faster and lower cost ways to better service your customers.

Choosing the right mix of Internet and web applications, systems, databases, tools, marketing processes, products, payment systems and other technologies for your business is a puzzle. And the more it grows, the more it becomes an increasingly complex puzzle.

The Continually Morphing Picture Puzzle

How hard is it to complete a jig-saw picture puzzle when you’ve never seen the picture you are trying to create with all the puzzle pieces?

To make it worse, even the edges of the picture puzzle are unclear as there are no obvious corner pieces or puzzle pieces with straight sides to help you define the boundaries of the picture. The puzzle can be a confusing blur…

Your blurry puzzle challenge is made even harder when you realize these puzzle pieces are continually morphing, changing their shapes, colors and points of interaction and integration. How are you ever going to complete the puzzle?

Learn to focus on the Big Picture

The key is to draw back from just focusing on the puzzle pieces and expand your vision and your view. Rise above the short-term confusion of today’s technology puzzle and look over the horizon. Allow yourself the time and space to expand your vision to see the big picture for your business.

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