Finding your Big Picture path in the Digital World

Running through the blur - Planning Smarter Web Strategies starts with seeing your vision in the blurPlanning your business using Smarter Web Strategies starts with enhancing your vision in the chaotic blur that is ‘the new normal’.

Take a bigger view of your business and your industry so you find your own Big Picture path and create the future you want for your business.  

We often need to rise above the  day-to-day dramas to learn what is really happening in this Digital Age. And here’s some good news for you…  Most businesses don’t do this type of planning. They just continue to deal with the drama and take short-term decisions based on the latest digital fad of the day. But you are here now. That’s the good news. You can do something about your business future.

Here’s where you can start to make sense of it all…    

Here’s where you can:

  1. Learn about the patterns in the blur of  rapidly changing technology;
  2. Learn more about the Action Principles that keep pushing, pulling, guiding and leading the changes;
  3. Understand the trends that are causing and defining the growth of  business online; and
  4. See the Big Picture for the future of your business.

Then you can start  to create the future you want!

Key pages in this section are:

A. Finding Patterns in the Blur.

B.  The 10 Action Principles of the Digital Age.

C:  25 Big Trends of the  Digital Age.

D:  New and archived Blog posts with more thoughts on the Big Picture  and the Trends of the Digital Age.

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