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Would you like  independent help and guidance with your online business planning? 

You can contact Richard Keeves through the Smarter Web website.

  1. All discussions will be totally confidential.
  2. Our first discussion is always free and without obligation for you to do anything further with me.
  3. I will always try to give you some ideas and pointers that will be helpful and valuable to you.
  4. I will be  honest with you and will let you know if and how I can help you further.  I may not be able to help you – in which case I will let you know this. I do not work with everyone who approaches me and I most definitely avoid conflicts of interest in my personal guidance and advisory work.
  5. Time is precious. I won’t waste yours.

I work with business owners and managers in different types of businesses around the world. It is often nice to meet face-to-face with clients, but is not always possible and so I structure my guidance and advisory services so that we do not have to physically meet very often, if at all.  Most of our communication can usually be done online via Skype and email and other collaborative tools.

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