How will you do smarter business as the Digital Natives grow up?

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Have you ever wondered how the ‘digital native’ kids of today will grow up to do business online in the future? What will they expect? What will they demand?

These kids have grown up to assume that all this online stuff is natural and normal. Just as anyone born after 1969 knew that “of course, man can go to the moon”, the digital natives were born digital and know no other world. Their beliefs, values and expectations are based on digital foundations, where the connected world with hyperlinked information is taken for granted.

This video (included below & first uploaded to YouTube in Feb 2011), was played yesterday at the Digital Futures Forum in Perth by Corey Loehr, who heads up Intel’s Digital Economy Enablement team for Australia & New Zealand. Seeing this video again was one of the highlights of the forum for me.

The event organiser and MC, Jim Wyatt, GM of the Western Australian government’s Digital Economy branch at the Department of Commerce described the viewing of this vid as a “Wet Haddock” moment for himself – meaning that he felt he had been slapped in the face with a wet fish from the insights he gained from the video.

Jim wasn’t alone…  the room of 150+ people at the forum went quiet as pretty much everyone caught a glimpse of the digital future. I think it was a ‘wow’ moment for most.

The main focus for the forum was to gain a better understanding of the impact of the National Broadband Network being rolled out in Australia – and how to work with the increased capabilities this infrastructure can provide.   I’ll write more on this and my own presentation at the forum over the coming days and weeks.

For now, here’s the video.  What do you think?

(Additional thought: This video would be REALLY powerful if it was actually made from real comments by real kids.  But it wasn’t. It was written by today’s adults feeding words into the mouths of these adults of tomorrow. You can read more about it – and the responses here.)

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