Looking for better results online? Are you ready to get started?

Is it time to start doing things smarter?

Would you like some help to do smarter business online?  There are opportunities everywhere, but new threats seem to be coming from everywhere too. Especially online!

Add in new technology platforms, new IT systems, new social media, new SEO rules, smartphones and tablets with mobile marketing and the challenges multiply. Then who do you get to do the work? Finding the talent for your team is tough. Do you hire local people or do you try cheaper off-shore resources?

There’s a lot to think about. Business planning is more challenging than ever.

Think of me as an external advisor for you & your business.

I can help you clarify how your business can do better online, work with you to develop smarter strategies that make sense for you, and then guide you to make it happen faster and easier. I can show you how to save money and get the results you want with less pain, less stress and less waste.

  • Maybe you need a new website and want help finding  a new service provider to get better service, systems and value.
  • Maybe you need a new online marketing plan and you want help selecting your external service provider or training your staff.
  • Maybe you need to find, buy or build new software or implement new technology.
  • Maybe you have a whole new business idea you want to get off the ground – and you want to do it quickly, cleverly and without spending an arm and a leg…
  • Maybe you have a shoe-string budget and you want to have a smart plan to quickly launch a new website or part of your business and then roll it out in stages that make sense.
  • Maybe you’re in a tough situation right now, being hammered in the online marketplace and you want someone you can talk with about strategies and tactics to help.

There’s a lot we can cover. It’s a fast, time-efficient service as we work over the phone, by email and with various online collaboration tools.  It becomes a very cost-effective service for you.

It’s cost-effective for you because I will help you get far better results than you would without me.  (I guarantee this.)

I work with business owners to help you get better results. I’m independent and unbiased. My work is totally confidential. Please contact me if you would like to have a chat.

There is some more info here if you want help with your business planning and creating your own Digital Roadmap.

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