Digital Business Coaching, Mentoring & Support

The Digital world can get a bit overwhelming.  It can be confusing, especially with all the things you need to know to be successful online.   It’s smart to get some help.

 Would you like to have a confidential chat about your business with independent digital coach and guide, Richard Keeves?

1. Digital Business Coaching & Support Service for CEOs

Richard Keeves provides a confidential Digital Business coaching, guidance and support service for CEOs, business owners and company directors.

It’s often a combination of mentoring, coaching and business advisory work – and always tailored for issues that are relevant and important to you. You may want help to stay up to date and on top of your many digital business challenges.  Or  you may be focused on planning and launching a specific web project for your business.

We can work an ongoing program with regular sessions or on a casual ‘as-wanted’ basis.

This service can be provided through Skype, phone,  video-conf  and other web collaboration tools for businesses located anywhere globally. Face to face in-person meetings can be arranged if needed.

2. Digital Business Coaching & Support Service for Management Teams

Richard can also provide Digital Business coaching for management teams for special projects or on a regular ongoing basis.

This is especially important when businesses are undergoing massive digitally-induced change and want to ensure everyone on the team shares the future vision, understand the strategies, and move along the Digital RoadMap growing stronger together.


If you’d like to find out more, then please call or use this inquiry form.

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