Reduce Social Media Risks Now

Are you struggling with social media risks in your business?

It’s risky for you when your  employees chatter away online…   How do you know what they are saying about you and your business?

Do your employees know what is acceptable for them to do and say on social media? Use this simple template now to create guidelines for your business and reduce your social media business risks.

Employee Guidelines for Social Media Participation

If you haven’t given your employees guidelines about what is acceptable and what is NOT acceptable in social media, then now is the time to do it.  Give these Top 10 Guidelines to your staff and you can quickly reduce your risks.

Using these guidelines and this approach recognizes that:

  1. Like it or not, your employees WILL use social media either at work or away from work,
  2. Your employees may talk about your business in social media; and you  probably can’t stop this from happening, BUT
  3. You can guide your employees in how they refer to your business in social media.

Keep it simple. Don’t have too many rules.  Keep it respectful. And Do it now.  Reduce your social media risks today.

Social Media Guidelines Template
Social Media Guidelines Template
This template helps you easily produce Guidelines for the use of Social Media within your business. This gives you a concise ONE PAGE document with 10 important guidelines for you to provide your employees and contractors.

This template is provided as a Zip file and includes
1. the Guideline template in MS Word format,
2. the Guideline template in Rich Text format,
3. Instructions in the use of the template.

This is available now for your instant download.
Price: $27.00

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