SEO Periodic Table gives helpful overview on SEO

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If you want a quick snapshot of SEO and the factors that are important, then wrap your head around the new Periodic Table infographic  (see below) from the guys at Search Engine Land.

The factors are set out in the form of the Periodic Table you may remember from your high school chemistry lessons. (If you really hated studying Chemistry, this table format may not work for you.) I reckon it is pretty good, and easy enough to follow… What do you think?

Each factor is laid out as an element, in columns depending on how it works. There are “On Page” SEO factors in areas of Content, HTML and website Architecture. The “Off The Page” factors include Links, Social, Trust & Personal. There are also elements for SEO Violations and Blocking.

The full table as a PDF can be downloaded here from our website or you can go to Search Engine Land.

Search Engine Land also offers a simple but thorough introductory guide on SEO to fast-track your SEO learning. These  guys specialize in all things Search, and know their stuff.  You’ll be pleased with the price. It’s free.  Check it out here.

The graphic here below also links to the PDF. Love your thoughts on it…

SEO Periodic Table from Search Engine Land

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    Very creative!