Social Media brings Risks, but you CAN reduce them

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Social media may bring opportunities for your business, but it also brings risks.

You can’t control what your employees say about you and your business on social media.

Detailed social media policies are fine, but you’ve got to be careful not to give your employees lots of rules to follow. If you make your Social Media policies too complex or too involved, these policies and ‘rules’ won’t even get read let alone followed.

A better approach is often to give your employees some guidance.  Create a simple and concise set of guidelines they can easily read, easily understand and easily follow.

You can use this template to quickly provide the Top 10 Social Media guidelines for your business.

Develop your Employee Social Media Participation guidelines now. You can start to reduce your social media risks immediately.

Social Media Guidelines Template
Social Media Guidelines Template
This template helps you easily produce Guidelines for the use of Social Media within your business. This gives you a concise ONE PAGE document with 10 important guidelines for you to provide your employees and contractors.

This template is provided as a Zip file and includes
1. the Guideline template in MS Word format,
2. the Guideline template in Rich Text format,
3. Instructions in the use of the template.

This is available now for your instant download.
Price: $27.00

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