What did this CEO think of Catching Digital?

Sep 01, 2012 Comments Off

Just had this comment about my new book Catching Digital. (see below) It was in an email from Michael Ratner, CEO of Compendium Australia. Here’s what Michael said… “Downloaded the new book yesterday afternoon and just finished reading it….. reason being once I got into it it was hard to put down. What a task […]

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Is Social Gifting a Smarter Strategy for Retailers?

Apr 27, 2012 Comments Off

The new social gifting service from Wrapp.com was given a good rapp in an article published yesterday in Ragtrader.com.au. Wrapp is a new service that allows users to give their Facebook friends free gift cards made available by retailers using Wrapp. You can read the full article here at Ragtrader. Wrapp is a new service […]

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Here’s why Mobile MUST be part of your Smarter Web Strategies

Apr 11, 2012 Comments Off

If you are wondering about the growth in mobile and whether to embrace mobile in your business planning, you need to check out some of the info in this latest report from Cisco. It’s a Cisco Public white paper called “Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2011–2016“.   (And many thanks to Peter […]

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Digital Wallets and the Future of Payments

Dec 07, 2011 Comments Off

Some of these stats will surprise you. And what does it mean for your business when 1 in 4 consumers say they would be happy to pay for goods and services using their mobile phone? View the original post from Intuit here.

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More Handy Mind Mapping Tools for Smarter Business Brainstorming

Dec 05, 2011 10 Comments

What tools do you use for creative thinking and brainstorming?  I like to use mind maps, and here are some handy tools you may find useful. Update: 5 December 2011:  Just added 2 more tools at the bottom. Good tools.  XMind & MindMeister. 1. MindManager is a mindmapping software product from MindJet. I’ve been using […]

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Avoid more pain with smarter business planning now!

Aug 26, 2011 Comments Off

If you’re trying to make smarter business plans in the rapidly changing blur of business today, it might be time to step back, see the ‘big picture’ and understand how the puzzle pieces fit together. Otherwise most things you do will just add to the confusing blur, cause you more stress and grief – and […]

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Smarter manufacturers do battle with middle-men to win customers

Mar 10, 2011 36 Comments

It’s no secret that manufacturers need good distribution systems to get their products to customers, but in today’s battles distribution channels run by middle-men are being replaced by smarter distribution systems operated by the manufacturers. The growth of business online is creating opportunities for many players but also creating huge risks, threats and pain.  Small […]

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Three useful free tools for planning meetings in different timezones

Feb 03, 2011 13 Comments

Setting up meetings is a pain when you need to talk with people in other countries in other timezones. There are a bunch of different tools for planning meetings. Here are three simple free tools you can use to save you time and frustration doing 24.7 global business. 1. World Time Server.com’s World Meeting Planner […]

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How does international consumer protection work online?

Jan 28, 2011 Comments Off

It’s one thing to try to sort out a dispute in your own country, but if you’re a consumer and  have a dispute with a supplier in another country,  what do you?  And if you’re running a business with international customers,  who  could they complain  to if they have no joy with you? Cross-border complaints […]

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C’mon Facebook, that’s a dumb idea!

Jan 27, 2011 Comments Off

Here’s the thing with word-of-mouth advertising…  it’s seldom neutral.   Promoting positive comments is great, but imagine if you were paying Facebook for them to promote negative comments about your business from a Facebook user  – and have these comments specially advertised to all of the user’s Facebook friends. To me, that sounds like a pretty […]

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Trend 24: Increasing Loss of Control of our Personal Information & Identity

Jan 25, 2011 Comments Off

The Dark Side is growing and malware is rife, but many consumers take unnecessary risks by making their personal identity information available to strangers. In the online world, our security and privacy are at greater risk than ever before. In amongst the many seemingly positive trends the Internet is bringing to our businesses and our […]

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Trend 19: The Changing Relevance of Physical Location

Jan 24, 2011 Comments Off

Your physical location is increasingly LESS relevant to you but MORE relevant to others. Connected businesses and people can operate from anywhere, but businesses selling physical products want to know where you are. With high speed wireless networks and smart mobile devices, more people can be effectively productive anywhere and have less need for the […]

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