What did this CEO think of Catching Digital?

Sep 01, 2012 Comments Off

Just had this comment about my new book Catching Digital. (see below) It was in an email from Michael Ratner, CEO of Compendium Australia. Here’s what Michael said… “Downloaded the new book yesterday afternoon and just finished reading it….. reason being once I got into it it was hard to put down. What a task […]

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Video advertising on YouTube with Google’s new AdWords for Video

May 21, 2012 Comments Off

Last month, Google introduced a new program for running video advertisements online. Video Ads are presented through YouTube searches and it seems also soon to be through the Google Content Display Network. Unlike most annoying video ads, these AdWord for Video ads will only play when they’re clicked on. An advertiser using AdWords for Video only […]

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Here’s why Mobile MUST be part of your Smarter Web Strategies

Apr 11, 2012 Comments Off

If you are wondering about the growth in mobile and whether to embrace mobile in your business planning, you need to check out some of the info in this latest report from Cisco. It’s a Cisco Public white paper called “Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2011–2016“.   (And many thanks to Peter […]

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Avoid more pain with smarter business planning now!

Aug 26, 2011 Comments Off

If you’re trying to make smarter business plans in the rapidly changing blur of business today, it might be time to step back, see the ‘big picture’ and understand how the puzzle pieces fit together. Otherwise most things you do will just add to the confusing blur, cause you more stress and grief – and […]

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How many retail stores will get flattened in the digital tsunami?

Apr 13, 2011 Comments Off

The trends of the digital age are finally getting noticed by many slow-to-move retail shops who thought they had a nice safe captive local market of customers. Now new online stores are challenging local stores by selling into the once safe backyard, and it is made worse for retail shops as customers realize how easy […]

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Are you in the business of Dream Support?

Apr 08, 2011 1 Comment

Wondering how your business can use online systems and social media? Here’s a great video from Barry Judge, the Chief Marketing Officer at Best Buy in the USA. As Barry says in the video, his industry is incredibly competitive and customers bring the Internet into the Best Buy stores.  Differentiating just on price and being […]

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It’s worth remembering that your customers are struggling humans

Mar 23, 2011 Comments Off

A key to business success is to find out what people want to do but are struggling to do and make it easy for them to do it.  You can use technology to help, but you can get lots of grief if you let technology dictate your approach. There’s an interesting interview here on O’Reilly.com […]

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Is social media relevant in B2B marketing?

Mar 01, 2011 Comments Off

This morning James asked me the following question…  and after writing my reply, I thought this was worth sharing as a post – and to get your thoughts on it too. The Question: Do you think being actively engaged in social media has much value at the moment for businesses in B2B marketing? It seems […]

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Glimpses of the future?

Feb 21, 2011 1 Comment

What could the future look like? Here’s a video from Corning called “A Day made of Glass”.  It goes for a bit over 5 mins, and is a promo for Corning, but it is well worth a look at some on-trend applications using clever glass. This part of the future is not too far away. […]

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Trend 22: Increasing Importance of Trusted Brands

Jan 25, 2011 1 Comment

Trust is an increasingly critical component of a brand’s success. Trust needs to be earned, can take time to create, but be destroyed globally within days. The age of a brand is increasingly irrelevant to its level of trust. With so many different suppliers of products and services hawking their wares in so many different […]

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Trend 19: The Changing Relevance of Physical Location

Jan 24, 2011 Comments Off

Your physical location is increasingly LESS relevant to you but MORE relevant to others. Connected businesses and people can operate from anywhere, but businesses selling physical products want to know where you are. With high speed wireless networks and smart mobile devices, more people can be effectively productive anywhere and have less need for the […]

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Trend 17: Increasing 1 to 1 Marketing

Jan 24, 2011 Comments Off

Marketing is moving from the mass to the individual, with more accountability and micro-targeting based on the actions, responses and behaviors of users. Relationships still matter, and many businesses get it wrong. 1 to 1 Marketing requires more than just running a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and it does not remove the need […]

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