Mobile sites gotta load fast!

Aug 20, 2013 Comments Off

Yep, here’s a useful infographic from Strangeloop… Mobile users expect sites to load fast – An infographic by the team at Strangeloop Networks

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What did this CEO think of Catching Digital?

Sep 01, 2012 Comments Off

Just had this comment about my new book Catching Digital. (see below) It was in an email from Michael Ratner, CEO of Compendium Australia. Here’s what Michael said… “Downloaded the new book yesterday afternoon and just finished reading it….. reason being once I got into it it was hard to put down. What a task […]

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Is Social Gifting a Smarter Strategy for Retailers?

Apr 27, 2012 Comments Off

The new social gifting service from was given a good rapp in an article published yesterday in Wrapp is a new service that allows users to give their Facebook friends free gift cards made available by retailers using Wrapp. You can read the full article here at Ragtrader. Wrapp is a new service […]

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Here’s why Mobile MUST be part of your Smarter Web Strategies

Apr 11, 2012 Comments Off

If you are wondering about the growth in mobile and whether to embrace mobile in your business planning, you need to check out some of the info in this latest report from Cisco. It’s a Cisco Public white paper called “Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2011–2016“.   (And many thanks to Peter […]

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Take mobile payments using new PayPal app on your iPhone

Mar 18, 2012 Comments Off

If you are a merchant with a PayPal account, you can now start to take payments from your customers using your iPhone and a credit card swipe reader.  It could be a smarter way to do business… Here’s the story from the SmartCompany website.

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False clues may add to retail confusion about connected consumers

Jan 24, 2012 Comments Off

An interesting article in RetailWire includes the following chart from research carried out by Equation Research in the US.  1,500 consumers were asked their preferred method of browsing and discovering new products. I’ve added the chart below, with a link to the article on RetailWire. From the research, the vast majority of respondents preferred to […]

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Digital Wallets and the Future of Payments

Dec 07, 2011 Comments Off

Some of these stats will surprise you. And what does it mean for your business when 1 in 4 consumers say they would be happy to pay for goods and services using their mobile phone? View the original post from Intuit here.

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More Handy Mind Mapping Tools for Smarter Business Brainstorming

Dec 05, 2011 10 Comments

What tools do you use for creative thinking and brainstorming?  I like to use mind maps, and here are some handy tools you may find useful. Update: 5 December 2011:  Just added 2 more tools at the bottom. Good tools.  XMind & MindMeister. 1. MindManager is a mindmapping software product from MindJet. I’ve been using […]

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Avoid more pain with smarter business planning now!

Aug 26, 2011 Comments Off

If you’re trying to make smarter business plans in the rapidly changing blur of business today, it might be time to step back, see the ‘big picture’ and understand how the puzzle pieces fit together. Otherwise most things you do will just add to the confusing blur, cause you more stress and grief – and […]

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How many retail stores will get flattened in the digital tsunami?

Apr 13, 2011 Comments Off

The trends of the digital age are finally getting noticed by many slow-to-move retail shops who thought they had a nice safe captive local market of customers. Now new online stores are challenging local stores by selling into the once safe backyard, and it is made worse for retail shops as customers realize how easy […]

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Are you in the business of Dream Support?

Apr 08, 2011 1 Comment

Wondering how your business can use online systems and social media? Here’s a great video from Barry Judge, the Chief Marketing Officer at Best Buy in the USA. As Barry says in the video, his industry is incredibly competitive and customers bring the Internet into the Best Buy stores.  Differentiating just on price and being […]

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Free voice-to-text app for iPhone works a treat!

Mar 23, 2011 10 Comments

Have you come across a new tool and thought, “Wow, this is so good I just need to share this with other people?” That’s what happened to me on Saturday morning when I discovered Dragon Dictation. In fact, I’m using it right now for dictating this quick blog post. It’s a free app for the […]

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