How important are Meta Descriptions to SEO?

Mar 23, 2013 Comments Off

Meta Descriptions need to get Smarter   How do you use Meta Descriptions?   Here’s a good question from Joe, one of my coaching clients. “Richard, I have a question on meta tags. When we are setting up our products in the back office of our online shop it has built in fields for meta […]

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What did this CEO think of Catching Digital?

Sep 01, 2012 Comments Off

Just had this comment about my new book Catching Digital. (see below) It was in an email from Michael Ratner, CEO of Compendium Australia. Here’s what Michael said… “Downloaded the new book yesterday afternoon and just finished reading it….. reason being once I got into it it was hard to put down. What a task […]

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SEO Periodic Table gives helpful overview on SEO

May 04, 2012 1 Comment

If you want a quick snapshot of SEO and the factors that are important, then wrap your head around the new Periodic Table infographic  (see below) from the guys at Search Engine Land. The factors are set out in the form of the Periodic Table you may remember from your high school chemistry lessons. (If […]

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16 Questions to ask BEFORE you select your SEO Consultant (Now 24 Qs)

Mar 27, 2011 1 Comment

Updated: Dec 2012 with 8 more Questions to Ask Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Getting your content found can be a challenge and it’s often good to get external help from people skilled in the SEO field. The world abounds with people claiming to be able improve your listing in Google and other search engines.  Not […]

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More Scary (But Useful) Tools For Tracking People Online

Mar 22, 2011 4 Comments

Following the interest in my recent article on Spokeo’s deep profiling service,  I’ve come across a new online tracking service that is potentially even scarier and maybe even more useful for business. We probably all know that our information is no longer private, but do we really understand just how public it is? Tracking people […]

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42 Free Tools For Social Media Monitoring (Part 4)

Feb 11, 2011 1 Comment

Here’s the fourth and final part in this series of free tools you can use for monitoring what is being said about you and others in social networks. TweetPsych allows you to create a psychological profile of any public Twitter account and compares it to the thousands already in the database. This identifies those traits […]

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What is a Social Media consultant likely to cost, and can’t we do it ourselves?

Feb 10, 2011 2 Comments

Following on from my post the other day about how to choose a social media consultant, this morning I came across an interesting blog post from Mack Collier about the prices of social media consultants.  Mack describes a  range of services,  fees and charges.  (There’s a link to Mack’s story below.) The price ranges Mack […]

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42 Free Tools For Social Media Monitoring (Part 3)

Feb 10, 2011 1 Comment

Here’s the next part of our series on useful free tools for finding out what is being said about you online by monitoring social media. Klout identifies influencers on topics across the social web. Monitter It’s a twitter monitor, it lets you “monitter” the Twitter world for a set of keywords and watch what people […]

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42 Free Tools For Social Media Monitoring (Part 2)

Feb 09, 2011 20 Comments

Here’s part 2 in our list of  useful free tools for monitoring  social media. TweetDeck is a desktop piece of software as opposed to a web-based tool.  It is useful for monitoring social activity, but mainly useful for posting messages to multiple social media sites at once, and then managing responses and conversations.  As such […]

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42 Free Tools For Social Media Monitoring (Part 1)

Feb 08, 2011 4 Comments

Here are some of the many tools available for you to monitor the social media world for what’s happening in your business.  These tools are all free to use.   (There are also plenty of paid tools and services as well.  We’ll cover them in a later series of posts.) Remember, there is always a […]

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Trend 10: Increasing Formation of Communities

Jan 22, 2011 Comments Off

Birds of a feather flock together, especially online as macro and micro-communities form around topics of interest. As trust develops, communities can become markets. Business needs to learn how to connect, belong, add value and be valued. As early as 1969, the computer network that became the Internet was used by groups of academics at […]

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Trend 9: More Personal Connectivity

Jan 22, 2011 Comments Off

Personal connectivity expands into social networking with friends who have never met but who influence, lead, follow and implicitly trust each other’s opinions. Quality will trump Quantity for most networks but building quality requires authenticity. The paradox of telecommunications is that whilst the telecommunication device links people together, it is also the same tool that […]

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