Ten Action Principles of the Digital Age

Evolving with the Digital Age Action PrinciplesIntrinsic to the Digital Age trends are ten Action Principles that fundamentally underlie the growth of the Internet and Internet-related technology.

This is not just about ‘technology’. These principles apply to every business and to most aspects of life in the digital world today.

The Principles are leading, driving, pushing and pulling every successful evolutionary and revolutionary tool, technology and opportunity of the online world.

You’ll find more about these principles in the book, Catching Digital. Every successful business online works with these principles, whether they know it or not.  Knowing the principles and working with them can give your business a massive advantage   – if  you do it wisely and well. And that it exactly what we’re all about here at Smarter Web Strategies.com  – guiding you in your journey to do smarter business in the digital world.

Action Principles from Catching Digital book

The Action Principles are:

1.    Simplifying: Making the complex simple to use.

2.    Decentralizing: Wisely connecting many smaller resources in a distributed system provides more agility, flexibility, capability, expandability and resilience with less risk than creating and maintaining one larger central resource.

3.    Ephemeralizing:  Continually driving for greater efficiencies often at less cost by progressively accomplishing more and more with less and less.

4.    Leveraging: Finding and using the right lever wisely to have a small action produce a larger and preferably ongoing reaction.

5.    Connecting: Connecting before value is expected or delivered, with the connection being strengthened when value is delivered.

6.    Enabling: Giving people the ability to do more of what they want to do; preferably easier, better, faster and cheaper.

7.    Empowering: Helping people to do as much or as little as they want to do themselves.

8.    Engaging:  Stimulating more meaningful interactions based on relevance, value, importance, and timeliness.

9.    Synergizing:  Joining individual parts together and creating more value than the parts each had separately.

10. Harmonizing: Combining small individual waves that are moving together at the same time and in the same direction to form much larger and more powerful waves.

These ten Action Principles, working in combination with 25 macro-level  Digital Age trends, are creating and influencing the future of the Digital Age.  You can learn more about the 25 Trends here.

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