Choosing Technology Tools

Ice puzzle There are an amazing array of available technology choices and possible online business solutions.

Every day seems to bring more options to help you meet your business opportunities and challenges, but having more options doesn’t always make your selection easier – it can often make selection harder and more confusing.

Finding a clear pathway is not just difficult, but continually and increasingly problematic.

Many people dabble with new techno-tools and play with fads that catch their attention, often introducing different systems and adding to the fragmentation of processes and technology within their organizations.

The price you pay for technology systems is not just measured in the ‘dollars’ you pay up front, especially when they don’t appear to be expensive, and may be cheap or even free. Significant costs come from the implementation, use and ultimately migration away from different systems.

Integration of different systems is increasingly important, but often overlooked.  Fragmented systems invariably cause fragmented business processes, and there are real, but often hidden costs from the confusion, constraints and missed opportunities in the fragmented chaos of multiple systems within an organization.

At a business level, you want systems that can be introduced quickly; can be learnt easily; will work effectively, securely and reliably; will be cost-effective and preferably with an easily demonstrated return on investment; bring no or low risks to your business; and give good options for the future.

Many businesses get their new technology choices wrong – or at least, they don’t get these choices right enough. They make short-term, ad-hoc reactionary decisions, or they find themselves playing expensive trial and error games trying to pick the winners amongst the range of possible new applications, tools and systems.

Choosing the right mix of Internet and web applications, systems, databases, tools, marketing processes, products, payment systems and other technologies for your business is a puzzle.

Here are some thoughts on why most business people get their choices wrong.  And  read on here for the my checklist of 20 important criteria to consider in your technology selection process.

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