Website Development is a Process, not a Project

May 26, 2013 Comments Off by

The web ‘industry’ continues to talk about website development as if it is a project.  Business website development is a process, not a project.

As a process, it’s continual.  A website is never finished. It can always be improved – and it should be.

Getting an new site ready to launch may be a project, but it does not stop at the launch.  A project mentality can be unhelpful and even dangerous, especially in the allocation of time and resources.

I’ve been writing a lot on improving Conversion Rates lately over on the Digital website.  We’ve created some pretty good resources on Conversion Rate Optimization. Check them out.

Here’s a good article from conversion specialist Peep.

Improving your business is a continual process.  So is improving your website.

Keep it going…  It’s never finished.  It’s not a project; it’s part of of your business.


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