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Here are some of the comments other business owners are saying about the book Catching Digital, Richard Keeves and other info you’ll find here at the Smarter Web Strategies website.


About Catching Digital

Catching Digital is a practical guidebook by Richard Keeves for business owners and managers to find smarter pathways for better business in the digital world.  It is available in paperback and digital editions.

“Catching Digital: How to see your future in the digital blur, create smarter strategies for your business and plan your Digital RoadMap for success.”


“If you didn’t have a strategy for moving your business online before, you now have no excuse. Well explained, informative, comprehensive and sets you up for success on your digital pathway.  A great read.”

Wayne Spencer, Retail Traders’ Association


“The ideas and thoughts Richard Keeves has packed into this book can help business owners build effective digital plans
without getting overwhelmed. An essential tool for business.”

Jim Wyatt, GM, Digital Economy Branch, Government of Western Australia


“It’s not often you see big picture thinking and business planning clearly linked in insightful and practical ways, with opportunity as the focus.”

Denny Sterley, Australian Practice Leader, Resilient Futures


“There is no question that Richard Keeves has a deep understanding of the nature of the digital tsunami that is shaping the way we all live, work and play.  Like the boiling frog, we have a tendency to acclimatise to change, considering our current situation as normal and largely forgetting the extent and speed of change we have experienced – to say nothing about underestimating what is yet to come. Not only has Richard enumerated the various elements of this wave, he has also given us an understanding of the underlying currents (or Action Principles) which combine to give the wave its power.  His insights allow us to recognise potential moves and clues as to how best you might ride the wave.

Whether you simply want a better understanding of the digital revolution or want to apply this to your strategic business planning or competitive strategies, this guide makes compelling reading.  I understand it started as a briefing paper and has since evolved into a book – such is its scope.  Those who take the time to study it and apply the knowledge it contains will find their time well spent – it has the potential to make a significant impact on the way you run your business now and in the future.”

David Shelton, Director, Transition Capital


“This guide highlights trends that cannot be ignored. We need to plan our actions, and need to create our own roadmaps to deal with business opportunities and threats that are now mission critical. Like it or not it is not going away, and is only getting bigger and faster. Richard explains how and why the bar keeps rising. Use his guidance and thought-provoking research to assist you in your business and personal journey.”

John Clegg, Business Adviser , Omnivest Business Consultants


“There is only one constant in today’s world and that is change. This book makes me appreciate how much is changing and how much more I need to know. It can be scary. Is the world passing me by? No, it isn’t!

I now really appreciate my contribution to my business. The major contribution we all bring to any business is OURSELVES and our THOUGHTS. By better understanding the trends, I can have better THOUGHTS and can better assist my business. This is essential reading. Then read it again.”

Colin Atkinson, Managing Director, CA Management Services


“This guide echoes sentiments I have had for many years. We get too clouded by what’s out on the Internet.  Our focus needs to be on planning and creating better business outcomes, and then use the tools that are available to us.”

David Barnes,  Executive Director, Platform Interactive


“Compulsory reading for any executive who is serious about understanding how digital communication is changing the world.”

James Bull, Website Planner, Writer & Presenter, James Bull Consulting Pty Ltd


“As the boundary between the online virtual worlds & our tangible 3D world relies increasingly on our own perceptions, any text we find that helps us clarify the distinctions & how to operate them better is a useful read. Richard Keeves writes clearly, cleanly, & without technobabble. Good stuff.”

Annimac,  Futurist & Trend Forecaster, www.annimac.com.au


“This is a ‘must read’ before making decisions about technology. Richard explains each digital trend with clarity, preparing you to focus on the big picture (where you are going) before deciding on the tools to get there.”

Mark Douglas, Managing Director, Francis A Jones


About Richard Keeves

“Richard is a strategist, entrepreneur and innovator of the highest level, and a great guy to go with it. We need people like Rich in these times of change. I would work with him in a heartbeat”

Larry Quick, Founder,  Resilient Futures


“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Richard on and off for over 15 years. Richard is an amazing, switched on, intelligent business professional that not only knows how to run his own successful business, he has also been instrumental in helping hundreds of other business owners succeed in business. He is a respected, knowledgeable and caring person who has a firm grasp of business, a great understanding of marketing and he’s one of the few people in Australia who really understands how to maximize the internet. If you want to take a step forward in your business, I would certainly recommend having a chat with Richard first.”

Rudy Labordus, CEO, Breakthrough Corporation


“Richard is a creative innovative business owner with a high level of integrity that is rare in the cut throat world of publishing. My admiration for him and his work was, and continues to be total. anyone contemplating business dealings with Richard can feel safe in the knowledge that he is a straight shooter, who’s reputation is without blemish. I am proud to call him my friend.”

Brian Leaning-Mizen,  Success Strategist Master Coach,  Mind Synergy


“Richard trained our managers. His knowledge of the subject and his ability to impart it to others was fantastic. All the participants learned what they needed to and thoroughly enjoyed the process. I’d have no hesitation in using Richard again as a trainer or in a consulting role.”

David Beard


“My dealings with Richard have always been a positive experience. Despite knowing an incredible amount about IT (and business in general) Richard never placed himself above anyone, and was always patient and methodical in passing on knowledge.”

Ian Belton,  Managing Director, Caterlink


“When Richard was at IBC I worked with him and his team on the redevelopment, maintenance and improvement of Activ’s website. Richard is an expert in this field and was always willing to share knowledge, provide advice and have a laugh. Richard is always professional, is easy to get along with and was a pleasure to work with.”

Amanda Taylor,  Activ Foundation Inc


“Richard’s focus on business results made partnering with him and his project managers simple, focussed, and a great pleasure. Under Richard’s direction, IBC always looked for the most creative ways to meet their clients’ needs – it was our honour to be part of that process.”

Tim Murray,  Owner, Glasson Murray Group


“I have known Richard for over 7 years. Richard was the Managing Director of IBC and I employed IBC to work on a number of websites for my businesses. I found that during the time Richard was in charge that IBC provided exceptional websites and related services to us at fair prices. I’m confident that any business that Richard is involved in will provide the same exceptional results.”

Damian Collins,  Momentum Wealth


“Richard provided excellent leadership and direction to the WA Internet Association (WAIA) for 4 years. His contribution to the WAIA made a significant & positive impact for both the association and the industry at large. I recommend Richard for his leadership abilities and his level of commitment to ventures that he undertakes.”

Richard Bone, President, Western Australian Internet Association


“I first met Richard as a board member of the Western Australian Internet Association. During our time of working together on the board, I found Richard to be hard working, honest and professional in his role as a volunteer in this not-for-profit Association. He is passionate about the industry, and this was reflected in the work and dedication he showed at WAIA. Richard became President of WAIA as I left the Association, and during his time as President he was instrumental in growing WAIA to what it is today. I would highly recommend Richard for any similar roles in the future.”

Miles Burke, Chair, Australian Web Industry Association


“During Richard’s time as President of WAIA, the association accomplished much and prospered. I personally admired Richard’s unwavering professionalism and commitment in the position. Any future organisation with which he may be involved will benefit from his experience, wisdom and warm personality.”

Jeremy Malcolm, Committee member, WAIA


“Richard is a courageous leader, manager of people and systems and visionary. As Publisher and Editor of Business Directions Magazine he not only founded the magazine, but steered it to become a groundbreaker and key source of reading for business people in Perth and beyond. I would highly recommend him from my time working and writing with him on that magazine.”

Leigh Farnell, Founding Partner, Blue Rocket Sales Breakthrough Systems


“As a Media Buyer I must have seen dozens of well-intentioned magazines launch, struggle and fail. Business Directions Magazine was one of the rare success stories, and I would attribute its success solely to Richard’s vision, enthusiasm and passion. Richard understood the value of this niche and created a valuable resource for managers looking for best practice ideas to help their business. While the product itself was good, the marketing was excellent and BD established itself as ‘part of the furniture’ of the SME sector in Perth. If it was still around I would still be reading it!”

Steve Pretzel


“Business Directions was on the money for small business. It was an acknowledged local leader in that space during its time.”

Mark Pownall , Editor At Large, WA Business News


“I am pleased to be able to recommend Richard having worked with Richard at many different levels over a 20 year period. From being a supplier to Business Directions, To being an advertiser in Business Directions and working on joint projects with Richard. In all the things Richard has done he has been an enthusiastic contributor and has proven to be an industry leader in all the various business he has been involved in.”

Colin Atkinson, Managing Director, CA Management


“I first met Richard when he was publisher of Business Directions Magazine. At that time the magazine was an industry leader and provided excellent content. I also knew Richard through the Money and You community in Perth. I have always found Richard to be energetic, enthusiastic, and creative.”

Sue Price, Director, Personal Financial Planners


“I knew Richard during the days when he was publisher of the Business Directions Magazine. During it’s day the magazine was an industry leader and with Richard’s leadership it pioneered the way for many of the magazines dedicated to the advancement of the of the skills necessary for the advancement of the small to medium business sector. I also knew Richard through his association with the Money & You® Program and was always impressed by his energy, enthusiasm and shrewd assessment of the state of the business community.”

Jane Jordan, Co Director , Wilson Jordan Group


About Richard’s workshops and events

This was all about adapting business to new technology and using the web to the greatest potential. Clear, entertaining, well presented.


Tailored & interactive. Good tools and checklists to reference. Up to date content with a real industry expert (there are too many people claiming to be online experts these days.)


I wouldn't know where to start with online retail. This gave me an excellent starting point of the various issues to consider, as well as great resources to take away with me.

Michelle L

A good foundation to highlight factors involved in online strategy and improvement. Excellent advice.


Getting right fit for you that will get you a return on investment for websites. Enjoyed your energy. Thanks Richard.

Ann M

New information presented very well. Strategically align your online business.


Good spread of skills, types, industries. Brilliant, thank you.

Paul M

Informative and valuable to growing your business and knowledgebase.

Antonietta W

Thinking about what the customer wants not just what we think they want. Wish it was longer.

Juliana B

Given me direction.

Andrew B

Very valuable, expanded my knowledge of the topic.


TEC Group Member

Opens your mind

Michael C

Got you thinking more, time out from busy timetable to think about it.

Shirley M

Easy to understand & good ideas.

Morgan G

A good eye opener to the details of basic web strategy.

Boyd L

I think we need to talk.

Peter B

It gives you a good overview where to start and some useful tools you can use.

Marlene H

Loved the new and existing tools for analysing your online presence. ie SEO tools, etc. A great eye opener to reflect on how you appear in the online media.

Shane G

Concise. Great key points & ideas, delivered clearly. Could have been longer to elaborate on points. Great for quick ideas


It got me thinking about what we have and what we are about to do.

Jacquie H

Well explained with thorough product knowledge.


Got me thinking about my customers again and found some areas I need to consider more.

Nicci W

I loved the mind map.



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